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Where did they get married?

Where did they get married?If you are in search of a probable answer to the question where did they get married, then here are some tips for you to do to get on with your search:

Call the county clerk’s office in the probable area you think a person has been married. If you get to identify a location to where did they get married, then you can start filling out a search request form to start your search. Type-in information such as the groom’s full name and the bride’s first and maiden name. It would take about 3 weeks or more to process your request after you’ve paid several amounts to know where did they get married, so you have to be very patient with that. Marriage records from the 1990’s onwards can now be accessed through the help of the World Wide Web and older ones are kept in microfilms. You will get the chance of easy accessing these records and chances of a quick search on finding out where did they married will be  a lot easier for you to have.

You can also try to scan for newspaper articles or announcements to see probable dates of when the marriage was conducted and where did they get married. You can contact a local newspaper and ask the editor for probable people who have been married on a specified date. State your reason why you want the information of where did they get married. Provide the approximate date and the full name of the groom together with the bride’s first name and maiden name. Go to the nearest state Vital Records and Statistics office and fill out the form to enable you to request a marriage record. You still need the approximate date of the marriage and the names of the groom and bride together with her then, maiden name to be able to know where did they get married.

You can also have online searches over websites that offer this kind of service. You can over marital records search and scan through services they offer. If it matches the type of search you need to get the information of where did they get married, then you will be able to access documents regarding the information you need to know. Just make sure that the site you’ve signed up for is reliable to avoid yourself from getting financially scammed.

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